OSM Partners pro-bono commitment

At OSM Partners we believe in the importance and value of the work carried out by community, voluntary and charitable (CVC) organisations throughout the country.

We have an established corporate responsibility programme, and actively encourage our staff to get involved. As a result our team has wide experience providing legal advice and support to local, national and international CVC organisations in areas such as youth work, sport and mental health.

An example of our ongoing pro bono activity includes our work with FLAC, an independent human rights organisation dedicated to the realisation of equal access to justice for all.

On a regular basis, Senior Associates Claire Colfer and  Andrew Croughan act as volunteer legal advisors providing private consultations to people who visit FLAC’s free legal advice clinics. 

Commenting on her experience working with FLAC in an interview in the FLAC Annual Report 2016, Claire Colfer said "The variety of issues that you can be asked to advise on is the most interesting thing about volunteering.  Undoubtedly there is a large proportion of people seeking help with family law or debt issues, but you can be asked for help on issues that you may never come across in daily practice, from disputes about headstones to pigeon racing and everything in between!

“In terms of challenges, you often meet people who are experiencing the lowest moments of their lives who can be very emotional and feeling isolated. Many of them view the law as an obstacle rather than something that can assist them. The challenge is to allow them the time to tell their story and feel that they are being heard, whilst also being able then to give them constructive advice or guidance that will help them to move forward in a practical way."

To view Claire’s interview in the FLAC Annual Report 2016, click here.