Debt collection

Late or non-payments by debtors can cripple a business. Creditors faced with this situation are often left with no option but to pursue debtors through the Courts.

Our specialist team have extensive experience in all aspects of debt collection, to help you recover the money owed with minimal stress. We provide a complete service to meet the needs of individuals and body corporates - from the initial stage of issuing letters of demand, through to the enforcement of judgments. 

Our goal is to provide our clients with the best outcome and to recover the maximum amount of outstanding debt possible.

Our Services

  • High Court, Circuit Court and District Court litigation
  • Fast-track cases through the Commercial Court
  • Registration of judgments
  • Judgment mortgages and orders of sale
  • Execution by the sheriff
  • Instalment and committal orders
  • Garnishee orders and receivers by way of equitable execution
  • Creditors' liquidation of a company
  • Petitions for Bankruptcy
  • Injunctions
  • Enforcement of foreign debts
  • Asset investigation and attachment
  • Domestic and international tracing
  • Management information reporting

Please contact Richard O'Sullivan or Raymond Lambe for more information.